School grounds 3d model

3d Model for large School and grounds for planning & Design

Project Details: To provide the client with a 3d Model of the school buildings and surrounding roads and Buildings. This 3d model would enable the client to then proceed with the planning and design phase of the project.

Laser scanner in action surveying the school grounds

Fieldwork:  KGSS Topographical survey team, laser scanning specialist and UAV/ drone surveyor worked together to capture all the required geospatial data. This data was processed in the office in line with client requirements. GNSS was used to capture all the open spaces while total station was used to survey close to buildings, under trees and other enclosed spaces. The client requested manholes surveyed so our team opened up all these and measured each and every pipe dimension, depth and direction. Client required basic 3d models of buildings surrounding the school and along roads away from the school so the laser scanner covered all this ground as well as every detail of the school’s exterior and interior. Drone survey was to create ortho rectified photograph as an extra deliverable. Everything was controlled so we could georeference it all.

Office processing: All the data was processed together, a 3d surface of all the topographic survey was created for contouring and analysis. The laser scan data was combined into one unified point cloud and the aerial survey was processed into an ortho rectified photograph. All of this data was georeferenced from the control and so it was all in real world Irish Transverse Mercator coordinates which all complemented each other. Detailed manhole description sheets with sketches and photos were compiled.

Manhole description Sheet

Modelling: Our 3d Modelling experts used all the survey data combined to create an accurate and visual 3d model for the client

  • 3D model for all buildings and topographic surface of the site and roads
  • 3D topographical drawing of all surveyed features including manholes and inverts
  • Geo referenced orthophoto overlaid with the 2D topographical drawing
  • Unified point cloud data set

Challenges: The client required the survey to be performed while the school was in full operation. We employed a flexible workwork regime tailored to meet the clients needs. Site data collection was carried out (in the main) out of school operating hours, minimising disruption to the school program. This was a large area with a lot of different aspects of surveying involved.                                                   The challenge was met cumulating in a complete 3d model to the delight of our client and the boards of education.