heritage Castle measured building survey

CAD Drawings of Castle

Project Details: To provide the client with a Complete CAD drawing Measured Building Survey of the castle to enable design of renovations. 

Photo realistic Point Cloud from Aerial survey.

Fieldwork: KGSS laser canning specialists and UAV/ drone survey team captured every detail of the castle inside and outside. They used GNSS and total station to control the scans and aerial images. 360 imagery was taken all over the site also.

Office processing: The team processed the survey data in the office to create one combined point cloud from the laser scans and another from the aerial images. 

Drafting: Our CAD drafting experts used a combination of methods to produce floor plans and elevations which represented all of the data the client would need for their design. The laser scan point cloud was used to draft everything inside the castle. The aerial survey photo point cloud was used to draft areas inaccessible with the laser scanner which was some of the exterior roof.  

Challenges: We had limited information on layout of the castle before getting to site. There were some challenging tight spaces in towers and turrets to negotiate and survey. Some inaccessible corners were surveyed using the drone.


  • Detailed CAD & Pdf Floor plan & Roof plan drawings
  • Detailed CAD & Pdf Elevation drawings
  • Unified point cloud of laser scan data
  • Unified photo realistic point cloud of externals