redundant property topographic survey

Extensive Topographic Survey for prominent redundant buildings and grounds for feasibility study

Project Details: To provide the client with a Topographical survey of the site & adjoining regional road, including buildings, services, vegetation and contiguous information. The data set would allow the client to then proceed with the planning and design phase of the project.

Fieldwork: Early engagement was key to understand the clients’ requirements. A detailed discussion and a full review of the specification was carried out allowing the team to commence the work with an excellent understanding of the scope and specification. 

KGSS ground based Topographical survey team, laser scanning specialist and UAV/ drone surveyor worked in tandem to capture all the required geospatial data. This data was processed in the office in line with client requirements. GNSS was used to capture all the open spaces while total station was used to survey close to buildings, under trees and other enclosed spaces.  

A laser scanner was deployed in order to capture the extensive warren of buildings on site as well as detail on all buildings adjacent to the site and along the main road. The data set from the laser scanner helped produce the required deliverables and can also be used to produce of future deliverables such as building elevations.

The drone survey was carried out at the end of the project to create a geo-referenced orthophoto as an extra deliverable.

All elements of the survey were controlled so could be georeferenced and combined into one seamless deliverable. 

Office processing: All the data was processed together, a 3d surface of all the topographic survey was created for contouring and analysis. The laser scan data was combined into one unified point cloud and the aerial survey was processed into an ortho rectified photograph. All of this data was georeferenced from the control and so it was all in real world Irish Transverse Mercator coordinates which all complemented each other.

Drafting: Our CAD drafting experts used all this data combined to create some tasty deliverables for the client:

  • 3D topo surface model of the site
  • 2D topographical drawing of all surveyed features with elevations and contouring
  • Geo referenced orthophoto overlaid with the 2D topographical drawing
  • Unified point cloud data set

Challenges: This survey tested the capabilities of all of our survey methods with vegetation, redundant buildings and area to be covered all challenges. The area could not be surveyed accurately in places due to dense vegetation but the client was very happy with what we produced: “I have found your survey and level of detail excellent. I am impressed with the combination of different methods and I will be back for more”