Company Description

Kilkelly Geo-Spatial Solutions is a Land Surveying company situated in Westport, Co. Mayo. We provide traditional land surveying solutions alongside new geospatial solutions including, Geographical Information System (GIS) data acquisition and 3D laser scanning for Construction, Mapping and Archaeological purposes.


Mission Statement

Working alongside professionals from all sectors, Kilkelly Geo-Spatial Solutions provide an accurate, professional and transparent service with emphasis on bringing the most up to date solutions to our clients.


Company Ethics

At KGSS we work by professional levels of ethics throughout our day to day trading. Our employees are trained to act with integrity, respect with a level of professionalism that instils trust between colleagues and clients alike. Taking responsibilities for our actions is a corner stone of our company’s ethics.


Client Care

We pride ourselves on designing our services for a “best fit” solution around our clients’ projects. We aim to eliminate the gathering of unnecessary data therefore providing an efficient and economical service, benefiting both the client and the company.


Continual Improvement

With the ever increasing addition of technologies to the surveying sector, at KGSS we aim to meet the needs of our clients, by the acquiring of new specialised equipment and by the implementation of new post-processing methodologies. New methods for the gathering of spatial data are regularly assessed and where suitable, added to our already comprehensive list of services.


Carbon Footprint

As an organisation that spends a large percentage of our time outside of the office, and regularly within environmentally sensitive areas, KGSS aim to leave as little of an environmental footprint as possible. Due care is taken when accessing, working and leaving sensitive environmental areas.

KGSS is currently working towards a “paperless working environment” whereby the printing and copying of documents is only carried out under the request of the client. All incoming documents are scanned creating a digital copy with the original copy recycled through our local recycling service provider.

KGSS is working towards being a carbon neutral company and hopes to achieve this by the beginning of 2016 through carbon offsetting. We are currently assessing our current vehicles, while constantly updating our office hardware for more energy efficient models.