With the ever increasing numbers of tools and techniques available to the current land surveyor, Kilkelly Geo-Spatial Solutions aims to provide the newest data capturing techniques, which are usually reserved for large public sector surveys, to our clients nationwide. As Drones and Laser scanners become the norm for large scale data acquisition, we are constantly researching ways of providing similar services in a cost effective manner for our clients.

We can do this by leasing of the latest hardware / technologies and by working alongside our strategic partners based both in Ireland and abroad. This allows access by our clients to all of the below service at a cost effective price.

Geographical Infomation Systems (GIS)

Using DGPS techniques, Kilkelly Geo-Spatial solutions provide large GIS acquisition surveys for both rural and urban areas. Such features as Water meters, Fire Hydrants and Recycling Bins may be surveyed with additional information such as photographs and location description of feature. The surveyed data is delivered through multiple formats. This data can be used by many organisations. Public service providers such as fire services may use this data to quickly determine the location of the nearest water source to the incident. 

Output options:
  • Survey Station PDF – Including Coordinates, Photo, Location Sketch
  • ITM or Irish Grid
  • Creation of new control network or reestablishment of existing
  • 2D or 3D option for Control Network

Terrestrial Laser Scanning

Output options:
  • 3D High accuracy render
  • 2D Elevation drawings
  • High detail CAD drawings for archaeological archiving

Terrestrial Laser Scanning is the measuring of a structure by a scanner creating a high density and geo-referenced “point cloud” which in turn can be used for many different applications. From high grade 3D renders to vector elevation drawings, the TLS allows for quick and precise point acquisition. Through the leasing of such scanners and the out sourcing of post processing to a specialist company, KGSS provide TLS as an efficient solution.    

Data Geo-Referencing 

Using a GNSS and special transformation software, Kilkelly Geo-Spatial Solutions provides for the geo-referencing of third party spatial data. Both digital and raster data can now be accurately geo-referenced allowing for accurate consultation through up to date software of previously archived data. The documents can be put through three types of transformations depending on the needs of the clients, rotation, scale and skew (scanned raster data).  

Output options:
  • 2D/3D Autocad files (dwg / dxf)
  • Geo-referenced TIFF files
  • PDF report showing transformations applied and expected accuracies.