Land Surveyors now play a pivotal role in the monitoring of ground subsidence and the structural integrity of civil engineering works. Using highly accurate measurements (either remotely or physically) over a structured period of time, a specific zone may be monitored for possible deformation in the 3 axis.

Control Network Monitoring

Although similar to the control network used throughout our topographic and as-built solutions, great attention must be paid to the location and type of stations used for a control network while monitoring area. If a control network is implemented within the zone of deformation, the resulting outputs are then hugely effected were no information can be drawn from. Therefore the control network itself must be monitored to insure accurate readings.
Control Photo

Output options:
  • Network Report
  • Report includes, Photos, Location Sketches and Accuracy information
  • Quick and transparent post-processing
  • 2d  or 3d AutoCad drawings
  • 2D or 3D option for Control Monitoring

Subsidence Monitoring

Output options:
  • 2D / 3D Digital plans
  • Different Scale options
  • Addition of high density contouring for areas of interests
  • Addition of utility survey to mapping
  • Listing of points (.csv or .txt)

We provide multiple solutions for the measuring of groundwork subsidence. We carry out subsidence surveys on permanent control points at intervals over a set period. Groundwork subsidence surveys are important for the monitoring of “controlled settlement” of new access roads, during the surcharging of civil platforms and the monitoring of surrounding areas of large civil works (settlement of finished landfill sites). The location of the permanent monitoring points and the set interval times must be decided by the structural engineer.

Structural Monitoring 

Based on a similar procedure to subsidence surveys, structural monitoring is the measuring of a building structure/building by fixed measuring points or remote sensing of “areas of interest”. This technique is used regularly for steel frame buildings whereby the footings of the steel work are surveyed to check conformity before the installation of the steelwork. The steelwork is then measured once installed to check against the designed specifications.

Output options:
  • Listings Output of Volumes
  • Profile / Cross Section drawings
  • Cut / Fill Calculations