The Irish boundary system is a non-conclusive boundary system, in layman’s terms this means that the government body responsible for the registration of property, the PRAi, does not guarantee the boundaries shown on registration maps. This poses many problems for property owners who wish to clearly identify and mark the limits of their property.

All our Legal and Boundary Surveys meet the OSi and PRAi Mapping Guidelines. For more information on these guidelines, please visit the guidelines section on the PRAi website

Legal Mapping Solutions

We carry out boundary surveys to industries best practice. See below for a list of information needed to accurately provide a quote.
Once a boundary has been decided upon, we provide setting out solutions. Using GNSS techniques we can install permanent markers to high accuracies.
We provide and complete all necessary mapping documentation for both digital (CAD polylines) and paper formats.
For the calculating out of sub-divisions, we work closely with our clients to determine such details as scheme access, services access and parcel areas etc..
Issues have arouse with the existing PRAi digital mapping in some urban and rural areas. At KGSS, we carry out rectification surveys which is the updating of maps to current layout.
Internal boundary division is the mapping of internal boundaries within buildings such as apartment blocks and multi-storey office developments. We also carry out commercial area calculations based on IPMS stantards.
As an alternative to legal action, we provide boundary mediation between parties. This mediation is undertaken on location, with all necessary technical equipment. Boundary mediation is en economical alternative to legal proceedings as most boundary disputes can be resolved using informative mediation.
The implementation of conclusive mapping is possible through the PRA. The identification of boundary feature and the agreement between adjoined property owners is need for the creation of a conclusive boundary.
We carry out area mapping for accurate land area calculations. This is used for the calculation of assets and precise land valuations.

Kilkelly Geo-Spatial Solutions provide a free quote for all of our legal mapping solutions. In order to accurately and quickly provide a quote, we ask that sufficient information is provided upon initial contact. Information such as listed below, helps us design an accurate quote based around the needs of our clients.

  • Folio Number. See LandDirect link below
  • Original Mapping/Plans. Both paper and digital formats accepted
  • Imagery of the parcel. Recent and old imagery accepted
  • Aerial imagery with concerned boundaries clearly marked (google maps)
  • Any written infomation/contracts showing dimensions, rights of way etc..
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