Welcome to the Kilkelly Geo-Spatial Solutions Blog. Our blog will be used as a platform to discuss the news, events and other “hot” topics throughout the Land Surveying and Geo-Spatial industries.

As technology advances at an incredible rate, this blog aims to follow new / upcoming releases and discuss how they will affect the current market. We will look into how these new hardware and software packages might be introduced into a typical surveying company and what this means for the client.

We will also follow closely legal mapping techniques, and discuss methodologies used throughout the process of the measuring and registering of a property limit.

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“Kilkelly Geo-Spatial Solutions”

As the first blog for our new website, I thought it would be the perfect moment to discuss and explain the reasoning behind our name, Kilkelly Geo-Spatial Solutions. We could have easily chosen a more conventional “Kilkelly Surveys” or “Kilkelly Land Surveyors”, which would have had numerous benefits in terms of search engine results.

                But due to huge broadening of a typical land surveyors repertoire of services, the term “land surveyor” has started to become too narrow for the discipline. Larger companies have started to outgrow their names, new companies that specialise in these new services never use the term “land surveyors’ throughout their marketing.

                So what are these new services and how do they differ? Over the last five to ten years, the choice of technology available to a land surveyors has exploded. Nowadays the market is so flooded with advanced technology and choice, that it has become difficult to decide where to focus our resources. Even throughout the typical instrument line-up, there are hundreds of companies that provide different specifications, designed around a specific job. But these new services are game changing, for example:

  • Drones – The new Sensfly Ebee RTK quotes horizontal accuracies of 3cm and without the need for Ground Control Points, this allows for large scale mapping over a short period of time and to a 1/500 scale. Perfect for civil project feasibility reports.
  • Laser scanners for BIM – The use of high level laser scanners for internal 3D modelling. This allows for quick and accurate 3D data collection which is used for the internal modelling of buildings/structures.
  • Geographical Information System (GIS) – GIS is used throughout all government departments as a powerful tool for the visualisation of different Geo referenced data sets. These data sets range from the location of Recycling Bins to data on the demographic breakdown of a city suburb.
  • LiDAR – Light detection and ranging is a remote sensing technique which is usually used on a Fixed wing platform. This allows for the accurate measurement of large areas to a high level of accuracy. This technique differs from the photogrammetry technique of drone flying due to the fact that the laser penetration allows for mapping in dense foliage areas such as forestry and crop areas.
  • Terrestrial Photogrammetry – Although not used widely, this technique of data acquisition has huge potential and promises to grow in the coming years. The technique uses a typical DSLR camera to take multiple photos of a structure at different pre pre-planned locations. Powerful, purpose built software can then interpret a 3D model whereby dimensions can be taken.

These are just a few examples of new services available in the Geo-Spatial world. Over the coming years these services will become more affordable for our clients. As the demand rises, we aim to be leaders in the area of providing such services at an affordable level, whilst carrying out ongoing research on the feasibility of up and coming techniques and trends. Kilkelly Geo-Spatial Solutions will add these new services to our already comprehensive list of surveying solutions over the coming months and years.

Daire, Managing Director KGSS.